Our Team

Altay Uzun

First Vice President Investments

Email: altay.uzun@marcusmillichap.com

Direct: (202) 536-3719

Justin Ferguson

Senior Associate

Email: justin.ferguson@marcusmillichap.com

Direct: (804) 802-6923

Theo Jolley

Investment Associate

Email: theo.jolley@marcusmillichap.com

Direct: (804) 802-6922

Annika Avillanoza

Senior Research Analyst

Email: annika.avillanoza@marcusmillichap.com

Direct: (757) 739-4222

Tracey Mori

Senior Marketing Analyst

Email: tracey.mori@marcusmillichap.com

Direct: (703) 505-6210

The Uzun Group

The Uzun Group is an experienced, full-service multifamily brokerage team within Marcus & Millichap. Our team´s success is built on over 45 years of private client relationships in commercial real estate. Our mission is to ensure that our clients have peace of mind knowing they are maximizing their success in multifamily investment throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Through successful and fulfilling relationships with our valued clients along with a vigorous team work ethic, The Uzun Group closed over 135 transactions valued at over $265.3 million. We are able to connect local and out of area investors while having a local physical presence through our basis of operations in Norfolk, Richmond, Raleigh, Durham and Washington D.C.  Approximately 90 percent of our transactions are acquired by out of area capital.

Our group´s passion is helping our clients fulfill their multifamily investment goals because we understand how much is really at stake. We have the opportunity to work with incredible people and with their success in multifamily investments many of our clients not only support themselves, but their families, several employees, charities, non-profits, and their communities. We have the ability to positively affect an incredible amount of people by helping our clients achieve their goals. Our process in advising clients through to their goals involves fully understanding our clients´ and prospective clients´ previous success in multifamily, where they are currently in their progress as multifamily investors, and where they are trying to go. Once we can see where our clients have been and where they presently are, we are able to assist through our team´s advisory brokerage platform in connecting our clients to their progress and future success.

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